Issues with Old Computers, Old versions of Outlook, Windows 7 and Sage

There are NO ISSUES with Glenovation mail servers, across all platforms.

Some customers are reporting issues since the 14th of January 2020 relating to being unable to send attachements in some Sage financial software that uses the local PC copy of Outlook to send invoices etc.  In all instances a version of the Sage software was installed on the PC even if it was not in use.

It appears that there is a conflict between old versions of Outlook (versions 7 and 10, so far), Windows 7 and a very recent update in both Sage and Windows 7.

There also appears to be conflicts with Windows 7 and old versions of Windows Live Mail. Customers updated to newer email slints and the issue was resolved.

It appears that one update cancels out the other and stops Outlook from sending attachments (invoices etc).

Feedback from an Engineer on a temporary fix

"After backing up the Mailbox as a PST file then I uninstalled office 2010 restarted the pc and reinstalled Office 2010.  I then Setup the email to MAPI as per your emails and text. That still had no effect. So as everything else was working email wise I figured it must be a Sage problem. We contacted Sage who told us I had changed his email to MAPI but hadn’t done the same to Sage. (Wrong answer). I have worked with Sage to resolve issues before and have been previously told this is a temporary fix as is causes other problems. I tried installing a reports update listed as an email fix for this problem on their site but no joy. Then tried updating the microsoft add ons as per their site. This stopped their temp fix working so had to undo the fix add a connection via smtp webserver direct, so it overwrites the connection protocols then re do their temp fix and all working again albeit it in a temporary manner."

All customers should, if facing this challenge contact their hardware and software provider immediately, as this problem will not dissapear on its own.

Please give them our contact details and we will guide them on the solution to the issues for you, or point them to a professional hardware/software engineer, who can assist.

In short, this news post about Windows 7 and your computer hardware/software is most relevent.

The bottom line, is that if you are using an old PC or Mac you need to ensure your operating system and all updates are installed. Then check the third party software and make sure these are up to date. If you are using 10 year old software on a 10 year old PC or Mac. ITS TIME TO CHANGE.

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